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[ What Could Be More Precious ] Than Diamonds and Jewels ? Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Held These Dear…….article by Pop Sugar

I am sharing another article with sentiment. What could be more precious than Diamonds and Jewels? This brought tears to my eyes.

Enjoy this beautiful article. 

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana Received This 1 Piece of Jewelry More Precious Than Diamonds

Just like the late Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton owns plenty of precious diamond jewels and tiaras. While many of them have been physically passed down from Queen Elizabeth II or Princess Diana, who wore her fair share of bling, there were times – source

Princess Diana’s Stunning Jewelry by POP SUGAR

I have a  ” Must Share ” article about Princess Diana’s ” Beautiful Jewelry “. It brings back memories , too, of the Beautiful Person Princess Diana was. She was the “People’s Princess” in the hearts of many countries.

A Look Back at Princess Diana’s Stunning Jewels

Princess Diana wasn’t famous for her love of bling, but from the moment she said “yes” to Prince Charles’ proposal, the door was opened to a calendar of jewel-strewn royal events. Over the years, the princess blended tradition with her own inimitable – source