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Imagination and Dreaming of The [ Perfect Caribbean Moment ]

I thought you might be interested in why I chose this scene and why I like fine jewelry.

I consider myself ageless. I have a Vivid Imagination and love Caribbean islands and the ocean. I pictured myself at my “fine jewelry site “, sitting in the ocean cove after happening upon the old treasure chest spilling out treasures. I was enjoying my newly discovered treasures.

My dad and brother were metal detecting rock hounds. They would bring home gold and silver coins found in creek beds. They would also collect gemstones in the rough, some found in caves. Dad sold many to a prospector he knew. He also had jewelry made for my mom , my sister and myself.

I was pretty much hooked at a young age. 

I have a metal detector and a fine tune detector and have found old coins and what I refer to as “The Duck”. i have collected gemstones, precious and semi precious for ever, it seems. Diamonds are stated to be a girl’s best friend. I do like these as well as other colorful gemstones.

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