Fans of “Dancing With The Stars” ! [ Peta’s Wedding with a Rainbow Above ] by Pop Sugar

How Many” Dancing With The Stars  Fans” do we have? This article is for you. Enjoy the wedding photos. 

This Dancing With the Stars Bride’s Dress Looked Even Better Under a Rainbow

Fairy-tale weddings do exist if you happen to be Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The Dancing With the Stars couple got married over the weekend at Oheka Castle in Long Island, and the bride wore the perfect wedding dress for the special occa – source

Sold ! [At Auction by Southeby] , Pink Diamond…….article by Huffington Post

I found another “WoW’ article I have to share. Diamond lovers, feast your eyes on this Beauty.

This Massive Bright Pink Diamond Just Sold For More Than $70 Million

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this one’s basically family – source

Imagination and Dreaming of The [ Perfect Caribbean Moment ]

I thought you might be interested in why I chose this scene and why I like fine jewelry.

I consider myself ageless. I have a Vivid Imagination and love Caribbean islands and the ocean. I pictured myself at my “fine jewelry site “, sitting in the ocean cove after happening upon the old treasure chest spilling out treasures. I was enjoying my newly discovered treasures.

My dad and brother were metal detecting rock hounds. They would bring home gold and silver coins found in creek beds. They would also collect gemstones in the rough, some found in caves. Dad sold many to a prospector he knew. He also had jewelry made for my mom , my sister and myself.

I was pretty much hooked at a young age. 

I have a metal detector and a fine tune detector and have found old coins and what I refer to as “The Duck”. i have collected gemstones, precious and semi precious for ever, it seems. Diamonds are stated to be a girl’s best friend. I do like these as well as other colorful gemstones.

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Swaroski Crystal Gown – Pop Sugar

I am speechless except for “WOW” !

This Swarovski Heiress’s Million-Dollar Wedding Dress Shines Brighter Than a Diamond

When you’re the heiress to the Swarovski fortune, you better believe your wedding dress will outshine the rest. Victoria Swarovski married Munich-based entrepreneur Werner Muerz in a weekend-long celebration that took place in Portopiccolo, Italy.
T – source

Prayers for London

London, England has had more than it’s share of tragedies. 

Not only have there been two separate terror attacks but a high rise apartment fire. 

My prayers have been with your country and your people and are with those living in the apartments pets,, their families, and fire and police persons who have been fighting the fire. I also pray for others who have helped whom I am not aware of. 

I am sending love to all of you.

Mary Alice Kelly

Princess Diana’s Stunning Jewelry by POP SUGAR

I have a  ” Must Share ” article about Princess Diana’s ” Beautiful Jewelry “. It brings back memories , too, of the Beautiful Person Princess Diana was. She was the “People’s Princess” in the hearts of many countries.

A Look Back at Princess Diana’s Stunning Jewels

Princess Diana wasn’t famous for her love of bling, but from the moment she said “yes” to Prince Charles’ proposal, the door was opened to a calendar of jewel-strewn royal events. Over the years, the princess blended tradition with her own inimitable – source

POP SUGAR – Opal Obsessions

“Who doesn’t love the colors in Opals?” my Mom always said to me. And, I do. I have several favorites  in the article I am sharing with you.

12 Pretty Welo Opal Pieces That Will Fulfill All Your Mermaid Fantasies

We’ve been obsessed with opal for a while now, but if you spend a lot of your time looking back on the days of Lisa Frank binders and The Little Mermaid on VHS, the Welo opal will fill your fashion-loving heart with glee. Perfect for aspiring mermaid – source

Huffington Post

I Found This Interesting Article and Wanted to Share It With You.

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses Are The Wedding Trend That Will Grow On You

These bridal parties are bringing the flower power. According to the 2017 Pinterest Wedding Report, searches for printed bridesmaids dresses are on the rise. And one of the most eye-catching iterations of this wedding trend is the floral dress. Below – source