Complete History of Jewelry – What is Jewlery

To become successful, you will have to catch a glimpse of jewelry as a spiritual object in a relationship with the emotional life of the retail customer. This is so the jewelry you offer will be thought of as “special”, and not just more ordinary commercial merchandise that someone is selling. If you do not “get” this, it will be very much harder for you to be successful and to make good money with it,

You have to know that it is not only a material object. If you think of jewelry as material merchandise, you are fated to compete with all the jewelry that has ever been made in the world.

Before the Spanish came to Mexico, the people created and produced beautiful jewelry. Of the value of this jewelry, there is no doubt, as these treasures can be seen in the museum collection web-sites. The purpose of this ancient  was entirely esthetic and ritual. It was NOT understood as a material item for sale. It was NOT created and made in hope and expectation that a buyer might be found for it, or to make a marginal profit.

Think about what people must mean when they say that a piece of jewelry is “special”. Fair trade marketing capitalizes on the strong desire in people to only acquire meaningful pieces of jewelry, whose value goes beyond the price tag and altogether transcends the commercial process.

There is a lot more to be said on this subject; however, in order to make a single point in this article, I will restrict myself to emphasizing that the single most important thing for the success of someone who wants to make good money with handcrafted .is to acknowledge the spiritual, rather than the material content of it.

If you are trying to sell has little or no spiritual content… Well, that was the norm until recently, when people actually became sick from too much commercial merchandise. Today, if you look around, you will see that, more than ever, the people are looking for spiritual meaning in a yearning for that which is honest and authentic. If you are for real, you will stand out among the overgrowth of counterfeits.