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Lost Earring ! [ Harmonize with It’s Twin ] by Huff Post

.Speaking from one who has always lost one of a pair of earrings, this article is for me.

Matching the same , or different, colors , shapes and sizes with the lost earrings solo twin is ” Pretty Smart “.

Go for it……Play with those earring pieces and have fun.


How To Wear Mismatched Earrings And Still Look Put Together

We knew those once-coupled solo earrings would one day be useful.

– source

[ Hurricane Blues ] Irma

Prayers for all who live in Hurricane Irma’s path.

Prayers for all who were unable to leave Florida.

Prayers for news reporters and cameramen.

Prayers for all police, fire rescue and other volunteers.

I pray ” for all ” for safety.

God Bless You All and Keep You Safe.