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[ 10 ] Most Stylish First Ladies of The White House by Pop Sugar

I found this article to be very interesting. I would like to add one [ 1 ] more First Lady, to this group of stylish ‘First Ladies’, in the White House. Melania Trump [ 2017 – current ] is stunning and does not need a designer for her attire.This is my personal opinion .

Please enjoy the slide show with this article.

The 10 Most Stylish First Ladies to Walk Through the White House

We could never ignore the POTUS, it’s just with such a stylish first lady by his side, we might briefly overlook him, admiring his wife’s lovely ensemble right off the bat. In the case of the 10 women here – Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Cl – source

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[ What Could Be More Precious ] Than Diamonds and Jewels ? Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Held These Dear…….article by Pop Sugar

I am sharing another article with sentiment. What could be more precious than Diamonds and Jewels? This brought tears to my eyes.

Enjoy this beautiful article. 

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana Received This 1 Piece of Jewelry More Precious Than Diamonds

Just like the late Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton owns plenty of precious diamond jewels and tiaras. While many of them have been physically passed down from Queen Elizabeth II or Princess Diana, who wore her fair share of bling, there were times – source

[ Royals Hooked ] on New Dress Trend by Duchess article by Pop Sugar

Hi Everyone, I am sharing this awesome article I found. Lace is back in the trend with the Royals. Enjoy the article and photos.

Kate Middleton Got All the Royals Hooked on This Dress Trend

When Dolce & Gabbana dressed Kate Middleton for the first time for the Chinese president’s state visit, everyone seemed to agree it was about time. The duchess pulled off her plum lace sheath elegantly, accessorized to perfection with a cranberry pur – source